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This picture has just emerged at Reddit. It supposedly shows reference design of GTX 1060, a new Pascal based graphics card that is expected to hit the market shortly after Radeon RX 480.

This card lacks translucent window from GTX 1080/1070 series, but it shares the overall design with higher-end cards. It even looks like the same blower-type fan is used.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 will most likely use GP106 GPU with at least 1280 CUDA cores. Earlier rumors suggested that GTX 1060 might get 6 GB GDDR5 memory and 192-bit memory bus.

GTX 1060 will compete with Radeon RX 480. Whether that’s a fight for the best price or the number of frames per second, we don’t know yet.

According to Benchlife, NVIDIA is planning two models, 3GB variant with GP106-300 GPU and 6GB variant with GP106-400 GPU.
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HDD @HDD 05.10.2016 10:49:551
довольно удачная видеокарта получилась
Sergej @rayven 28.11.2016 20:03:582
согласен, видеокарта годная!